The Last iOS 8 jailbreak ( iOS 8.3 or 8.4 ) Is Delayed Thanks To Apple OS Launch

The Last iOS 8 jailbreak ( or 8.4 ) Is Delayed Thanks To Apple OS Launch


There are many things that Apple has their hands on these days. With the release of the new , fans have been paying very close attention to how it is reviewed so that they can decide if they are going to be spending the money to buy one. For each of the loyal fans that are waiting for the next legit product to come from Apple, there are five that are waiting for the next available jailbreak to the iOS software.

Recently, sources are starting to talk about Apple iOS 8.3 Jailbreak and there are many fans waiting for it. Applying a jailbreak to your phone will give you the ability to have custom software on your phone, but it will kill the phone’s warranty. As of right now and most likely frustrating for users, there is no date for the Apple iOS 8.3 Jailbreak, according to sources. The delays have been happening for the past few weeks and the hope was that a release would be coming very soon.

Since the delays are getting longer, that is causing fans of Apple and those waiting for the software to wonder why. Some of speculating that it could be because Apple is about to release the latest software, iOS 8.4 to users. The reason this causes a delay is because the new features in the latest version can make it impossible to jailbreak the phone. Once the new software is applied, it usually affects all of the previous versions of said software. Apple is working hard to keep the software fresh and ready to use based on the consumer feedback they have been getting through beta testing and things like that.

Apple’s iOS 8.4 is supposed to bring a ton of new features to the devices that can download it and that includes a brand new . Because the update list is so long, it will certainly include updates to security and other bug fixes that can get in the way of applying a jailbreak to an iPhone, iPod Touch or the iPad tablet. If the new software is going to launch this week, the developers of the Apple iOS 8.3 Jailbreak are going to have to head to the drawing board to make sure the new features and security updates are not going to mess with the jailbreak.

Apple iOS 8.0.3

Recently, a jailbreak was developed for iOS 8.4 beta 1, but now that has been released to the public and that shows you one of the main reasons that Apple wants to bring out the latest version of the software. Since Apple is apparently going to release a new version to clean up the jailbreak problems, users will be left with very few options. One of those options would be to wait until is released.

This is something that is going to take a little longer than some want to wait, but it might be the best option in terms of Apple releasing another patch to cover the jailbreak instead. With that being said, it would appear to be very unlikely that the Apple iOS 8.3 Jailbreak is coming, according to one tweet saying that more than 30 security bugs were found and fixed with iOS 8.3.

This means that the software is harder to jailbreak and is not recommended to be hacked into. Even though some are saying that the Apple iOS 8.3 Jailbreak is not coming, there are some that do not agree with that.

They want it released soon and some are going to do what they can to get it released to the public. The group of people that are comfortable with a jailbroken Apple device is not that big, but when they want new software, some will push the envelop to get it done.

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