Jailbreaking iOS 8.3 : YouTube User Says Jailbreaking iOS 8.3 is Possible

: YouTube User Says is Possible


A YouTube user named uploaded a video Tuesday showing the process of installing Cydia onto an iPhone 5 running .

Fransson says that in order to install Cydia onto the iPhone, users must “hide” it behind another app. He uses the Hotels.com app to hide Cydia. By this, he means that he is tricking iOS 8.3 to thinking that he is just downloading the Hotels.com app when he is really downloading the Hotels.com app and Cydia at the same time. By doing this, Fransson says that Apple will not recognize that he is installing the unapproved Cydia app.

While the Hotels.com app is installing itself, Fransson recommends that users keep it open. He says that while this is happening, Cydia is installing itself in the background and jailbreaking the phone.

To find an app that has Cydia hidden or “injected” in it, Fransson says users can go to installcydia.mobi. This will take them to a list of apps that they can download that will secretly have Cydia injected into them.

Users then pick any app, install it through the app store and then open the app. The app should be open for at least 30 seconds. Then the user will restart their iPhone.

Once the user restarts their iPhone, by turning it off and then back on, they wil find out if the jailbreak was successful. After the phone boots up, a chain will appear on the screen and it will say “jailbreak complete” on the screen.

Apple will run some more updates and a black screen with a white Apple logo will stay on the screen until the updates are done.

Once complete, the phone will display the home screen. The user can then scroll through their apps to make sure that Cydia is installed. If it is, the jailbreak for iOS 8.3 was successful.

Check out this video for the full instructional video on how to perform this jailbreak.

If this jailbreak works, it is likely the first known jailbreak to be created for iOS 8.3.

Do you plan on jailbreaking iOS 8.3, or will you wait until iOS 8.4? Leave us a comment below and let us know.

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