Apple’s WWDC15 : iOS 9 Release Date Set On August 2015 !

Apple’s : DateSet On August 2015 !


New updates for the Apple software have been revealed regarding its release date, new features and specs.

Gizmodo has reported that Apple will likely reveal the new iOS 9 software at the 2015 on June 8-12 in , . The website further adds that Apple will also have plans on unveling the iOS 8.4 software at the same event.

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The WWDC event will likely be the testing grounds for the iOS 9, where it will give Apple users and enthusiast a chance to see how the software works and find out what Apple needs to improve, in terms of specs and features.

Yibada reports that during the Conference, Apple might ask the registered developers to test the iOS 9 for them to improve and tweak it before launching it to the public. It further adds that the Apple iOS 9 software will be release on August 2015, alongside several iPhone devices, although it is still unknown if the software is compatible with all of Apple’s devices.

 has reported that the new Apple software could be compatible to the  iPhone 4S, iPhone 5 and iPhone 5S (both models have 1GB of RAM).

As for its new features and specs, Gizmodo speculated that iOS 9 will have a smaller download size due to the numerous compalints and problems from previous iOS software. Apple users who have previously downloaded the iOS 8 required them to have a free space of 4.6 GB, which are troublesome to devices that have 8GB and 16GB storage.

It is also said that Siri will also receive a small upgrade in the iOS 9 to match the one found in the . It is said that there is a possibility that Apple’s assistant will come with a smarter look and design as it needs to compete with Microsoft’s Cortana and Google Now.

There also rumors that the iOS 9 will have its own system as Apple is working on an augmented reality view that uses cameras to highlight points of interest on the user’s screen. Apple is also working on improving the stability in its latest software so that it will not end up like iOS 8 which was plagued with several bugs and glitches in its systems.

Finally, a new app will added in the iOS 9 software called “Home,” which functions similar to a Game Center app. The Home App has several functions such as control smart thermostats, garage doors, coffee makers, cars and much more, reports.

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